Tasting Room @COEX



An Italian Restaurant with Korean taste to it.

DSC01247   DSC01245

Located in the COEX Mall, this place is packed with people even during the week days, patiently waiting for “something” that will excite their taste buds.

2014-06-05 01.27.01  Potato Gnocchi (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.40  Citrus Flat Bread (★★★☆☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.502014-06-05 01.26.54

Spinach Flat Bread (★★★★★)

I and my colleague’s favourite dish – golden-brown flat bread covered with freshly cut spinach is a well-being dish that did not diminish the scrumptious taste.

2014-06-05 01.26.46  Beef Tripe Jambalaya (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.48  Webfoot Octopus Pasta (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.41  Ho-Ddeok Ice cream (★★★★★)

Korean traditional snack, Ho-ddeok, has been reinterpreted with the bean powder ice cream and oven baked dough.

DSC01351  Popcorn Salt Ice cream (★★★★★)


Recommended for anyone seeking for adventurous taste that fuses Italian with Korean taste.

website: http://www.tastingroom.co.kr/

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