10 Reasons why you should come to Seoul.

1. Seoul is the Core of Global IT/HCI Industry & Research: Join company & lab tours.
  • S. Korea is the home of many global and local IT companies such as Samsung, LG, KT, SKT, Naver, Daum, Nexon, etc.
  • Also, there are variety of world-class HCI related research & design labs in universities.
  • Come and join industry & university lab tours in S. Korea.



2. Guess who will be giving the Keynote speech?: Psy
  • CHI has been traditionally inviting the most creative and innovative local celebrities in the junction of culture, technology, and art. Upon recommendation of many organizing committee members, we are trying to invite speakers who will give us the most interesting and momorable moments. One of the invitations has been sent to Psy, who made 2 billion view record on his music video, Gangnam Style on YouTube. He has made many speeches around the world including Harvard and Oxford University.


3. The most exciting CHI conference ever!: Conference Venue, Program & People
  • COEX (link) is the world-class convention & exhibition facility in the downtown Seoul. It was the venue of G-20 Summit meeting in 2010.
  • CHI 2015 will be an exciting encounter with the most up-to-date and state-of-the art topics and speakers.
  • Meet scholars, researchers, and industry practitioners in Asia. Two thousand people attends local HCI Korea conference annually who are eager to join CHI2015 next year. Also, we will have many guests from China, Japan, India, and south-east Asia.



4. Find Opportunities: New People, Young Scholars, Cross-over research, & Career Development.
  • A variety of social events for young scholars and newcomers will be arranged.
  • Extend your perspective and find new opportunities for cross-over research interests.
  • Many Korean companies are recruiting globally. Find an opportunity for career development in S. Korea.


5. Experience Korea: Culture
  • During conference events you will enjoy a variety of traditional & modern performances of Korean Dance & Music.
  • Also, for those who don’t have time, you will be able to encounter several Culturists at the conference.



6.  Taste Korea: Food, Gourmet
  • There are many popular restaurants around COEX.
  • Try traditional and modern Korean cuisine.
  • We will prepare Local Recommendation List for you 🙂



7. Stay Comfort: Lodging Options



8. For Fun, Family, and Memory: Tour & Hot Spots
  • City Tour: Palaces, Museums, Central Plaza, Business & Historic Streets,…
  • DMZ Tour: Feel the tension of military zone and think about what peace really is…
  • DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza): The newly constructed design center by Dongdaemun.
  • Klive: Absorb yourself in the VR hologram stage of K-Pop stars…
  • Temple Stay: Find inner peace and learn Buddhist lessons.
  • Korean Style Spa: Relax at the public bath house.
  • Shopping: Visit variety of shopping districts from traditional markets, international street markets to luxury department stores.
  • Amusement Parks: Have fun with family members. Your kids will love them.



9. Social
  • Join in Alumni Events and meet your old pals.
  • A variety of social events will be arranged at the greatest places.


10. Seoul is a Safe, Secure, convenient place for your visit.
  • More than 11 million tourists visit S. Korea annually, and a crime involving international visitors is extremely rare.
  • Tourist Insurance (about 3~5$ per day) will cover health and accidents. Major hospitals have care centers for internationals.
  • Inchon International Airport is 70~90 minutes away from conference site and operates direct Limousine buses where check-in is possible, too. Seoul has 9 lines of subway system for easy and economic transportation.



So, We cordially welcome you. See you in Seoul in 2015.


Tasting Room @COEX



An Italian Restaurant with Korean taste to it.

DSC01247   DSC01245

Located in the COEX Mall, this place is packed with people even during the week days, patiently waiting for “something” that will excite their taste buds.

2014-06-05 01.27.01  Potato Gnocchi (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.40  Citrus Flat Bread (★★★☆☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.502014-06-05 01.26.54

Spinach Flat Bread (★★★★★)

I and my colleague’s favourite dish – golden-brown flat bread covered with freshly cut spinach is a well-being dish that did not diminish the scrumptious taste.

2014-06-05 01.26.46  Beef Tripe Jambalaya (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.48  Webfoot Octopus Pasta (★★★★☆)

2014-06-05 01.26.41  Ho-Ddeok Ice cream (★★★★★)

Korean traditional snack, Ho-ddeok, has been reinterpreted with the bean powder ice cream and oven baked dough.

DSC01351  Popcorn Salt Ice cream (★★★★★)


Recommended for anyone seeking for adventurous taste that fuses Italian with Korean taste.

website: http://www.tastingroom.co.kr/